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Telemarketing remains a viable way of generating new business in 2022, in spite of its negative reputation. Cold calling is truly a numbers game, and volume is necessary for success. While just 2% of cold calls result in a sale, organizations that abandoned a cold call marketing strategy experienced 42% less growth than companies that employ a telemarketing strategy.

Because cold calling is a numbers game, it can be hard for the average small business to allocate the resources needed for a successful telemarketing campaign. A small team might create effective cold calling scripts and even research all the best cold calling tips, but a cold calling service still might better meet the company’s needs.

What are Cold Calling Services?

What are cold calling services? Cold calling companies are businesses that provide teams of cold calling experts to meet other brands’ telemarketing needs. Unlike outbound calling, in which professionals reach out to leads based on a prior contact, cold calling involves contacting prospects with no prior relationship for improved lead generation and appointment setting. It takes a specific kind of sales professional to master cold calling, and cold calling services can provide telemarketers who are trained in the art of the cold sale.

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How to Find the Best Cold Calling Service for Your Business

Looking for the best cold calling companies to establish call center services for your small business and boost sales? Remember the following best practices when choosing the best cold call service for your business:

  • Determine your objectives and goals – What objectives do you hope to accomplish through your cold calling campaign? What goals do you hope to achieve? Before you can evaluate what a cold calling service can offer you, you must determine your wants and needs.
  • Set your budget – How much do you plan to spend on your cold call campaign? Different cold calling services might cater to clients with various budgets, while others might offer a variety of services to meet multiple budgetary needs.
  • Research available cold calling companies – A plethora of cold call services are available from which to choose, and you have to review all of your options servicing your geographic location before you can narrow the field. You can rely on a traditional Google search, or reference lists of best cold calling companies like the one featured in this article.
  • Evaluate cold calling companies with a proven track record. Once you’ve determined some quality cold calling companies available to you, evaluate these options based on each business’s proven track record and the services it offers. Not every cold calling service will suit your objectives, and they might specialize in specific services like appointment setting, lead generation, data entry and pursuing qualified leads.
  • Interview best cold calling companies – Before signing a contract with a cold calling service, be sure and interview the company to ensure the match is a good fit for your small business.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Companies for Cold Calls?

The rates charged by cold calling companies can vary greatly, depending on factors such as location, market conditions, area of expertise and experience. While a cold calling company will have its own costs to operate, a beginning-level freelance cold caller can be hired for as little as $10 an hour, while a more experienced expert telemarketer might cost upwards of $50 per hour.

While it might be tempting to choose the less expensive route, it’s important to remember that an experienced cold calling expert can work faster and deliver higher-quality work, while their specialized areas of expertise can achieve greater results.

Of course, there also are benefits to contracting with an outbound call center and its sales team of telephone representatives. A cold call company with trained call center representatives typically charges between $20 and $75 in the United States, while an offshore telemarketing service might be available for between $12 and $20 an hour.

11 Best Cold Calling Companies

Unsure where to start when choosing cold calling companies? A host of telemarketing companies are available to fulfill cold calling needs in a multiple industries, providing general and specialized services to help small businesses achieve their sales goals.

1. Sales Hive

SalesHive is a b2b cold calling service specializing in lead generation. The company is known to create mor eleads from a target audience, and its telemarketers boast superior sales skills. SalesHive’s focus on booking meetings means more leads are transformed into existing customers through its cold calling experience. The cold calling company even guarantees daily quotas are met by keeping its star performers on call, available when their talent is needed most.

2. DialAmerica

Called one of the best U.S. call centers, DialAmerica boasts more than 60 years of successful telemarketing experience. The full-service sales and marketing provider consists of 19 call centers in the United States that collectively make 100 million calls each year. Instead of reading scripts, DialAmerica’s sales representatives are trained with active listening skills, allowing them to engage cold calls with a human touch and convert more sales.

3. Callbox

Known as one of the best cold calling companies for lead generation and appointment setting, Callbox helps companies increase their sales by targeting high-value prospects. Instead of closing their own deals, Callbox representatives qualify the best leads and set appointments for small businesses to follow up. More than 7,000 companies rely on Callbox to make strategic calls and nurture leads for their salesforce.

4. Worldwide Call Centers

Small businesses looking for inexpensive telemarketing services with global locations often look to Worldwide Call Centers for their cold calling needs. The telemarketing provider boasts a huge global presence with call center locations in not only the United States and Canada, but also Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Philippines, India, Pakistan and Africa. By using a cold calling service outside of the United States and Canada, small businesses gain access to the cheapest rates available. While WorldWide Call Centers representatives typically rely on a script to conduct sales calls, the company provides solid telemarketing services for strategies like market research, technical support and generating qualified leads.

5. SuperHuman Prospecting

Looking for telemarketing agents with a strong background in sales? Superhuman Prospecting, a division of Pennsylvania-based Pereus Marketing, is a sales team consisting of call center agents experienced in b2b marketing campaigns. Thanks to great communication skills, the Superhuman Prospecting team makes special effort to understand a brand’s needs, resulting in greater conversions and more closed deals. The sales reps primarily provide services in cold calling, appointment setting and lead generation.

6. Strategic Calls

Strategic Calls provides one of the best cold calling services for brands looking to connect with decisions makers like managers and executives. The company’s telemarketing services target c-suite and executive-level callers to generate leads. Strategic Calls’ campaigns take place over five days, and they include everything from preparing a prospect list to multiple cold calling attempts to analyzation of results. While the digital marketing service specializes in connecting with the executive-level cold caller, the company also provides telemarketing services to reach mid-level management and consumers.

7. Upcall

The U.S.-based cold calling company provides small businesses with strategies to engage their target market and convert more leads into sales. While Upcall provides cold calling services in a variety of sectors, it specializes in real estate telemarketing efforts. Brands can take advantage of more sales opportunities with U.S. based sales representatives who rely on specialized software to reduce overhead costs and close more deals. Upcall also offers appointment setting services, lead generation and sales outsourcing.

8. Call Motivated Sellers

The sales team at Call Motivated Sellers consists of only U.S.- and Canada-based telemarketers, so brands need not worry about language barriers. Small business owners enjoy working with CMS because they can work directly with potential phone agents to provide input into the sales scripts each cold caller will use. The cold calling agency specializes in providing telemarketing and additional services to real estate organizations, and it is known for its agents’ skill at pre-prospecting and nurturing leads.

9. SAS

Another cold-calling service that is 100% based in the United States, SAS provides telemarketing rates based on usage. All sales reps are native English speakers, and the company places a strong emphasis on controlling the quality of its sales calls. In fact, its QA teams screen more than 2,000 calls every month. With telemarketing services focused primarily on lead generation, SAS offers specialty lead generation categories, including appointment making, insurance appointment setting and even janitorial appointment making.

10. Flatworld Solutions

One of the most affordable cold calling companies, Flatworld Solutions provides both telemarketing services and outsourcing strategies. With call centers all over the world, the company offers many services in addition to cold calling, including data entry, photo editing, software development, transcription services and design. Looking to outsource a virtual assistant? You might be able to find one from Flatworld Solutions. Like other services, rates vary, but telemarketing services can be obtained from Flatworld Solutions for as little as $8 per hour!

11. Upwork, Fiverr and Freelance Communities

If you want to choose a cold calling team consisting of just a couple of sales reps, or if you want to assemble your own team of skilled telemarketers, you can turn to the freelancing community. Just post your cold calling job opportunity to a website for freelancers like Upwork or Fiverr, and watch as the talent comes to you. Rates for freelance cold callers vary greatly, depending on the professional’s experience and expertise, but some cold callers are available to hire for as little as $10 an hour.

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Which are the best real estate cold call services?

While most cold calling companies can oblige, real estate businesses often prefer telemarketing services that specialize in properties and housing. It’s important to note each cold calling company’s area of expertise, but some of the best real estate cold call services include those provided by Call Motivated Sellers and Upcall, both which speclize in the real estate industry.

Which are the best food service call center services?

Other telemarketing companies provide cold call services for the food service industry. Brands hoping to partner with a cold calling service to boost food service sales should consider Superhuman Prospecting, which provides cold calling services for food service as well as as a variety of other sectors.

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