14 Live Streaming Apps for Business

live streaming apps

With more and more businesses going virtual, live streaming has become far more popular. Whether you’re running live events or trying to engage with team members with pre-recorded videos and live features in a more dynamic way, using a live streaming app can help. We’ll help you pick out the best live streaming platform in this article.

What is a Live Streaming App?

A live streaming app is a software that allows you to capture, stream and share live videos as well pre-recorded videos. You can create your own live broadcasts that others can tune into using a live streaming app.

Best Live Stream Apps of 2021

There are many great live stream apps available that you can use on a variety of devices. When evaluating apps, it’s important to look at what kind of live streams can be done and what features they have to make the process easier and more engaging for audiences. This includes choosing cameras specifically designed for video calls and live streaming such as the Papalook webcam. We’ve researched some of the best live streaming platforms for 2021.

1. Streamlabs

With the Streamlabs mobile app, you can set up your camera for live streams across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. You can set up a live stream within minutes and stream to multiple platforms while using custom mobile themes.

Available on: iOS and Android

2. UStream

UStream (also known as IBM cloud video) is great for live streaming events since it has advanced event features, including AI-generated captions and real-time analytics. In addition, UStream includes video hosting, transcoding, live streaming, automated speech-to-text, and analytics all in one platform, making it a great option that businesses can get a lot of value out of.

Available on: iOS, Android, and desktop

3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the most popular live-streaming video apps since it’s incredibly convenient since you can operate live streams straight from the Facebook app. Some Facebook live tips to keep in mind is that you can download previous live streams to post on other social media platforms needed.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

4. YouTube Live

Another incredibly popular option, Youtube Live, is one of the best video platforms to live stream content, including speeches, talks, and even YouTube gaming streams. It includes a host of live streaming features to make streaming live videos simple and easy for content creators and viewers.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

5. Brightcove

For event professionals looking for a more advanced video streaming platform that also offers live event support, Brightcove is a good option. It also features multi Bitrate streaming, which means higher quality live streams and communications. Brightcove also has marketing features, video analytics, and an extensive list of features and integrations to make video management easy for businesses.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

6. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is another great option if you’re looking to stream directly on social media. You can stream live quickly and easily with LinkedIn Live and reach a wide audience of professionals. LinkedIn Live’s features include audience engagement tools, content inspiration, and other ways to reach your audience directly.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

7. Instagram Live

Asides from Facebook Live, Instagram Live is another incredibly popular option to live stream. Using Instagram Live, you can stream video and connect to your audience on the social media network and attain high audience numbers for your stream. Similar to Facebook Live, Instagram Live offers free live streaming, audience analytics, and more to make it easy for live streamers to use the feature.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

8. Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live is a really good option as you can not only store videos on Vimeo itself but also use its live video streaming capabilities through Vimeo Live. With Vimeo Live, it’s easy to get started with the live streaming service and it’s definitely one of the best live video streaming apps available. The app is reliable, and streams are high-quality, plus there are multiple features available to make it easy to run different kinds of events.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

9. Notified

Notified turns webcasts and video streams into interactive events, making it perfect for professionals. It includes a host of event planning features, including automatic recording options, an online lobby to manage viewers and audiences, and event-specific features such as picture in picture so that you run presentations simultaneously with the live event.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

10. 6Connex

6Connex is slightly different from some of the other live streaming apps mentioned in this list since it offers a more event-like experience. With 6Connex, you can live stream video easily and run hybrid and in-person events as well if needed. 6Connex is more of an event technology platform that also includes a live streaming feature to make the event feel more immersive overall.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

11. ON24

ON24 is a powerful live streaming platform that enables users to run interactive and engaging webinars, virtual events and deliver personalized content to viewers. ON24 is one of the best live streaming apps because it has various features to make it exciting to stream live videos, including keynote sessions, breakout rooms, and more.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

12. YouNow

If you’re looking to live stream while also meeting other live streamers, YouNow might be the right option for you. Similar to YouTube events, YouNow is an online streaming platform that features many different kinds of streams for users and has built a community around that. You can stream live music, chat with the live streamer, and more using YouNow.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

13. Dacast

Dacast offers live streaming services for businesses and has a host of capabilities in both the free version and the paid version. Dacast includes secure video hosting, flawless and reliable live streams, live video integration with your own website, and many more advanced event features.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

14. Restream

If you’re looking for streaming platforms that have multistreaming capabilities, Restream has that and more. With Restream, you can have your online video going to many different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube stream, and any others networks that you need to stream on. It also has features to ensure stream reliability and reduce broadcast delay, such as monitoring stability, video quality, and more for a reliable streaming experience.

Available on: desktop, iOS, and Android

How to Choose the Best Live Streaming App for your Business?

When considering what live streaming app to use, there are a few things you can look for to help you choose the best live streaming apps for your needs. Here are some key features that any live streaming app you choose should include:

  1. Availability on different devices such as Android and iOS
  2. Advanced event features
  3. Audience engagement tools
  4. Analytics to help you understand your viewership and content better
  5. Ability to stream to multiple social networks

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