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Editorial Features

We offer over 23,000 informative, often in-depth, pages of content directed toward a small business audience. Each piece is characterized by authenticity, professionalism and usefulness. From startup advice and business ideas, to guides on how to get a loan or tax help, we provide a full range of information that a small business owner needs. Some of our specific features include the following.




Small Business Spotlight
From one business owner to another. Each Spotlight is a behind-the-scenes look at a real small business. Includes quick-take lessons they share with peers.
 Small Business News
Coverage of the latest news and live events. If it affects small businesses, we cover it. Our experienced journalists get the facts and put the news in context.
Product Reviews – Will it Work for You?
Reviews of the latest products, gadgets, software and services for small businesses. Our reviewers rate them from 1 to 5 stars.
Practical Wisdom
Small Business Trends delivers a lifetime of practical advice for main street businesses. Tips, how-to’s and authoritative insights from subject matter experts.
You’re Invited
A relevant curated list of conferences, webinars, networking events, awards and contests for small businesses — our public community calendar. Updated daily.
Books, Books and More Books
Our professional reviewers size up the content, freshness and usefulness of books for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. We rate them 1 to 5 stars.
1-on-1 Interviews
The most influential senior executives — from Silicon Valley to New York — share insights on technology and innovation in our exclusive Q&A interviews.
Everyone is Talking About It
We keep tabs on the latest trends in small business … from social media phenomena to entrepreneurial lifestyle to product launches, tools and more.
Educational Guides
In-depth informative guides on subjects relating to how to start, run and grow a business.


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A Little Bit About Us ...

Small Business Trends, LLC was founded in 2003 with the belief that startup entrepreneurs, business owners and the managers who work for them should have access to the latest information, news and insights presented in a way that is relevant to them.

Anchored by the flagship Small Business Trends website, the company includes a digital magazine and active outreach on social media channels. We are laser focused on small businesses — from one person starting up in a garage, to businesses with up to 100 employees.

We report information in context. Our dedicated team of nationally-renowned columnists, editors with deep news experience, subject matter experts and staff journalists give insights that make news meaningful.

We show “how to.” We don’t just report on the what and why. We publish detailed guides, checklists, tips and tutorials. We also highlight valuable resources and tools.

We believe authenticity is crucial. We deliver information through the informed lens of a team that is itself a small business. Bootstrapped by noted small business expert Anita Campbell, the site is dedicated to serving small businesses.

We stay true to our large and targeted audience. Small Business Trends, LLC directly reaches more than 2 million small business owners, entrepreneurs and other decision makers monthly. Our readership is highly targeted because we cover only relevant business topics. Through active participation in social media, we have social reach and exposure to 3 million more monthly.

Small Business Trends includes multiple properties:

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Remain the ultimate resource for
main-street small business

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