A One Page Marketing Plan Anyone Can Use

Marketing Plan Example - A One Page Marketing Plan Anyone Can Use

Developing a marketing plan is nothing more than setting goals and making a to-do list that will get you there. If you don’t have experience in this field, a marketing plan example can show you how you can get started to start creating your own marketing strategy.

The process of planning something is time-consuming and exhaustive, but it is an absolute necessity if you want to be successful. So how do we reconcile our need to succeed with our propensity for procrastination? In addition to the marketing plan example, the right marketing strategy template will a long way to simplify the process.

But before you get started, you have re-frame how you look at planning. We hate planning because we remember the endless meetings, hours of research that doesn’t seem to get you closer to an answer and documents the size of War and Peace. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s really not much different than planning a party.

You’re basically creating a plan for inviting more people you love to give you money and then tell other people why they should give you their money too. Sounds like a party to me. How about you?

That’s why I’ve been working to develop really simple, one-page marketing strategy template that can be used to develop marketing plans. I’d like to share two different ones with you. They’re designed to get you thinking and planning and making money, not writing lengthy documents.

Marketing Plan Example

One-page Marketing Plan # 1

The first marketing plan template is one that I’ve loosely adapted from learnings from the original marketing guru, Philip Kotler. (Even he doesn’t believe in hundred-page plans). It’s a simple single sheet of paper that outlines the basic marketing components or categories like your Mission/Objectives, Target Market, Offering, Pricing, Distribution, Communication — you know, those 4 Ps we love so much in marketing. But the good news is that that’s really all there is to it.

You can find something roughly along these lines in an old “Marketing Management” book that Kotler wrote over 20 years ago, but I think the principles are still valid.

You can use this format as a place to put your big thoughts so that you can focus on what the strategies are.

I am making the template available as a Word document — both a blank template and a mocked-up marketing plan sample, which you can use as a guide for how to fill out the template.

Download blank template #1 (.docx format)

Download mocked-up sample plan #1 (.docx format)

One-page Marketing Plan #2

The second one-page plan format I use is a combination of the Kotler plan and the Guerrilla Marketing process as advocated by Michael McLaughlin. This one’s not much different from the Kotler plan, but it’s less academic and more focused on emotional triggers that will get your ideal customer to choose you.

I am also making this template available as Microsoft Word documents for you to download use to guide your marketing planning.

Download the blank template #2 (.docx format)

Download a mocked-up sample plan #2
(.docx format)

So, there you have the plans I’ve been using — and my hat tip goes to both of the masters for giving me a starting point to create these one-page marketing plan templates.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What do you think of these one-page marketing plans? What do you use as a marketing plan, and why? In what ways would you change or improve the templates I’ve offered? Come on, share your ideas.

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Ivana Taylor Ivana Taylor is the Book Editor for Small Business Trends. She is responsible for directing the site’s book review program and manages the team of professional book reviewers. She also spearheads the annual Small Business Book Awards. Ivana publishes DIYMarketers, where she shares daily do-it-yourself marketing tips, and is co-author of "Excel for Marketing Managers."

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  1. Ivana,

    I agree with you about planning. I don’t know if you meant for someone just to use the templates on their own, but if you don’t do some homework first to really understand what is happening in your market, your competitors and customers then the one page would be gueswork.

    Also I found tthat the doc mixes marketing objectives, strategy and tactics under the heading of strategy and they should be separate. You might want to add budget and timing.

    I couldn’t open the second doc, however congrats for sharing this information.


    • Susan,

      i would like to join the conversation, i have established a three star restaurant in the city center, that runs up midnight, we have been analyzing swot but unfortunately non has been success. six months since we have started up to now,no sales has increased neither costumers. we have not moved no where.

      my challenge is how can you handle such matter or what is you advise to us enable to success.


      • Shukuri, some very basic principles when running or owning a restaurant that will help improve your sales. Chaos attracts people, and people attract people, noone wants to have dinner in an empty restaurant so it is important to seat people near the window and fill from the front back, the illusion of fulness will create the impression that it is the place to be seen in.When seating the guests let them hang around the front of the restaurant for a little bit, again make it seem like you are busy and expecting a crowd. I know that this is going to sound terrible, but if possible seat attractive people in the window seats and non attractive people further back, although the chances of single meeting other singles in a restaurant are slim, there is still that desire, particularly amongst men to be able to have a chance or be seen with with an attractive person. Music – restaurant or background music is the key aspect to the restaurant industry, people are like chickens, place upbeat music at a slightly higher volume during peak hours toning it down later for after dinner drinks and coffees. The restaurant needs to have a buzz about it, this buzz results in increased sales as well as causes patrons leaving to speak loudly, thereby attracting other customers/late sitters that might be undecided which restaurant to go to. From a marketing prospective try new ideas/recipes and speciaslised evenings. Guest chefs, daily specials, menu by country, murder mystery dinner evenings, a magician/musician performing for tables during dinner. Get something gimmicky/outrageous eg: huge sambreros for birthday people.

        I know these ideas work because I my restaurant from when i bought it to when i sold it sales up 420% within 9 months, allowing me to make my money back and much much more. Simple concepts that worked there and are working in the new place too

      • Shukri,

        IF your targets are wrong your whole marketing plan is wrong. The most important part of a marketing plan is the fact base. If you do the due diligence on the fact base then the rest of the marketing plan will fall into place. he assumptions are also very helpful. JB

      • I think you need to advertise in some new way, do something innovative that none of your competitor did or does. offer new food items and improve your service, I don’t know whether you can meet your customer demand(service) or not. try to read the customer. its better to visit some successful restaurants that you think and find out what made them successful.

    • Would u help me in starting a new business?? i wanna start poultry farming. But there are many competences in market. Will swot analysis actually help me in deciding whether to sart a business or invest in other sector??



  2. Susan,

    Maybe you could add a SWOT analysis to the template?

    • Hi martin,

      thank you for the great idea, there is some thing that i love to share with you. i am small business man who want grow up, but there is a challenge that i would like your input, i believe you can assist.
      in time of the marketing i have very little intelligent. my request is how can i improve my market field that can bring me success

  3. Hi Martin,

    A SWOT should be done however I would do it as part of the thinking regarding competitors etc and then the SWOT helps you to develop your objectives, strategies and tactics.

  4. Martin Lindeskog


    Should you start to analyze your internal strengths and weaknesses? And then proceed to look at the external opportunities and threats? I am planning to create my own outlook (overall business intelligence) & “inlook” (introspection of your organizational leadership skills, personal development and core values) guide with a specialized focus on the whole supply chain, starting with you supplier of raw materials and finishing with the end customer. The mindset is inspired by the Theory of Constraints (Eliyahu Goldratt) and the Trader Principle (Ayn Rand). My goal is to create an e-pamphlet.

  5. Martin,

    Your project sounds very interesting. I always do the strengths and weaknesses first and then opportunitiies and threats. It is just they way I was tought in companies and I find it easier. That said the SWOT I believe should be done after a market review including competitors and business review, including customers is completed. That way you have the information and focus to develop a simple SWOT and it is not done in isolation.

    Good luck and if I can be of any help, just let me know.

  6. For creating your Plans you can use this web-based application:


  7. Hi Everyone! –

    I’m really glad you mentioned the SWOT Process – and I agree with you. Perhaps we’ll do another one for that. But what what I’ve posted is actually the summary of all that work. I have a SWOT process as well but that’s part of the analysis work that goes into developing the plan.

    And Susan, thanks for suggesting the budget and timing additions. I’ve actually got another challenge that I’d love to get input on. I’ve got templates coming out the wazoo. I’ve got a SWOT template, I’ve got one with goals, budgets and timing – and I’ve got this one. What I want is a Killer one-page template.

    The closest I’ve come to is to use the templates in different ways. I use my SDWOT template for the research and analysis work. Then I use my goal-setting template to iron out the details of the strategies and to manage the project and the templates you see here are my top line FOCUS reminders – just to make sure I don’t stray.

    What are YOU guys using?

    • hi Anita,

      i saw your advice and i am glad. i will like us to talk more.

      I am an engineer and also under-going an it program.

      i will apprecaite your kind response.

      God bless

  8. Hi Susan, the documents should all be available. I just tried them again. Let me send them to you via email. Anita

  9. Susan Payton, The Marketing Eggspert

    I’ve been using one page marketing plans as my proposals for years. It helps the client focus on what’s important. Out of the 2 you presented, I like the second one better. It’s easier for the average non-marketing professional to finish the statements, since they might not really know what marketing strategy is.

    • I love your idea but i need to know how i can find the one page marketing plan so that i can use it in my job , could you please help me by sending the page formate to me .


    • I need your sample letter on marketing plan

    • hi Susan Payton,
      i think the second one is good but for complex & competitive market place it does not help too much.
      that’s why i would prefer the first one .

  10. B Smith @ Wealth and Wisdom

    Martin-I think a SWOT analysis is a useful tool, but the one page business plan is a summary. It should be based on the results of your market research, SWOT analysis, etc. Go ahead and place the SWOT and other supporting documents behind the plan, but incorporating it would defeat the purpose of a short/concise document. You want to create a tool that will actually be used!

    Another thing to remember is to focus on the customer. I like the second plan better because it at least asks the question “what’s important to my customer?” It is far more effective to identify the market and their need then create your product and service. Trying to fit your idea, product, or service to a market is difficult at best. It is one of the reasons we see so many flops.

    This may just be the sales and marketing bias that I have, but I’ve seen it work time and time again. The business that starts and ends with the customer thrives. This is especially true in economic slowdowns.

  11. Mike Michalowicz

    In my opinion the second marketing plan is far superior, since it has more details on the “how to get it done.” Still I think both plans could greatly benefit from more strategy and still be one page.

  12. I have tried a lot of marketing plans. Everything from one page of scribbles on the back of a notepad while I’m watching television, to a pretty decent plan I wrote using Marketing Plan Pro.

    I love the concept of the one page plan to use as a guideline, but I would need a little more detail behind it. For instance, your sample plan for Paws, the pet business, talks about using printed collateral. But it seems to me that I’d need a little plan for creating and printing the direct mail piece and drop-offs.

    Ivana, how do you recommend that we break down various parts of the one-plan and have more detail behind them?

  13. PRACTICAL IS PERFECT! I love the different approaches on the 1-page marketing plan. It’s ideal for the typical, ever-busy, ever-hectic Entrepreneur whose A.D.D. is actually a gift. 🙂 Great article!

  14. Hi Ivana,

    I really liked both templates. I’m always too academic when I try to develop marketing strategies, so the second template is a nice way of forcing my brain to think of emotional triggers rather than dry facts. I’m an SEO at heart, so my research usually consists of several spreadsheets of data that’s crunched into giant lists. I think the templates are nice overviews, but it’d be difficult for me to run a campaign off them as is. It’s always nice to be reminded of the top level view though, I get so bogged down in the minutiae. Thanks for sharing the templates, I think I’ll modify them for my own purposes!

  15. Ivana, to me it’s almost as if I need to look at both #1 and #2 to understand how to put together my marketing plan.

    #1 is like the broad strategy and helps you put it in perspective, so that you don’t spend too much time on one part of your strategy at the expense of another.

    However, #2 is much better for the action items.

    That said, I wonder if this isn’t a 2-part process: fill out #1 as more of a broad strategy, and then complete #2 for your action plan?

    Or am I am trying to split the baby?

  16. I gave this much thought today. “Planning sucks” but as Eisenhower said, “good planning is indispensable”. Your two versions are excellent and punctuate the first half of Eisenhower’s quote, “plans are useless”.

    Every situation is different, which is why entrepreneurship requires flexibility. These are great starting points and can be modified as needed. It wouldn’t take long to build a small library to pick and choose from.


  17. Ivana,

    This is a very useful post – I’ve bookmarked the post for future reference – Thanks for providing the useful templates and sample plans.


  18. Martin Lindeskog

    Ivan Widjaya: I agree with you. This is a very useful post. I will come back to it later on.

    Dan Baluta: Thanks for the tip. I have signed up for the “Getting Things Done” Agenda.

    B. Smith: Thanks for your wise comment. I looked at your site and found it interesting. I will explore the “Life Balance” section and the rest of your site. I worked for a company in Ohio that had implemented the 80/20 rule (Pareto’s law) through the whole organization.

    Susan Oakes: I want to talk more with you regarding my project.

    Ivana Taylor: What’s the “D” standing for in SDWOT?

  19. Hey Martin – I’m not sure what “D” you’re referring to. Perhaps it was a typo?

    Amanda – Here is how I break down my plan. First I do a SWOT (I have my own templates and process that I will be happy to share.) The SWOT process forces a lot of research and analysis. After the SWOT Process, I’, fairly ready to do a one-page-plan. I’ve actually been using another template that I didn’t share here. But it’s an easy one. I simply use an “organizational chart” program and put my primary goal on the top block. Then I list the 3 key strategies under that. Under each strategy I break out more activities and measurables, and so on. For some reason, I really like this simple format as well. The last thing I do is convert some of these activities into task items that end up in my Outlook tasks and Calemdar.

  20. Martin Lindeskog

    Ivana, You wrote on June 19: “I use my SDWOT template for the research and analysis work.”

    I am interested in receiving your SWOT template.

  21. Marcus,

    Financing is key to making your plans successful.

    (Edited by Editor)

  22. Very nice list to start. I’ve used the One Page Business Plan(r) software for years. Originally just to do it, but later I got licensed to teach it. I’ve watched turnarounds in business, boosts in production and profitablity, etc. Amazing what happens when you take what’s in your head and write it down.

    But it’s not till you create a performance management system and monitor what you do daily that it all works (or you can catch things that aren’t working) 🙂

  23. Dennis at RetailSmart

    To get away from the linear planning process (it doesn’t work in the real world) I have created a matrix:
    Customers/ Customer Groups across the top
    Products/ Offer down the side
    In the matrix – jot down the actions/ strategies to make these 2 things align.
    Add the metric of your choice as the ‘tally’. E.g Put down sales targets/ revenue to total the lines vertically and/ or horizontally.

    On one page you have product: customer alignment and a measure of performance.
    The vision/objectives etc should be burnt in your brain, and the actual analysis is continuous & dynamic

  24. I actually enjoy the planning part of marketing and look forward to checking out your downloads. And I know it sounds weird, but after 20 plus years in the marketing profession, I’ve never worked for a company that has marketing handle the pricing function of those 4 Ps. Odd or not?

  25. Man, what value there is in simplicity!
    I LIKE the simple plans you offer in your templates.
    KISS is the motto we live by.
    A refreshing change from all the pseudo techno babble masquerading as “marketing plans”

  26. Loved the post. Thanks. I had seen something similar awhile ago, and had lost track of it. Nice to have it again.

    (Edited by Editor)

  27. Very good site.

  28. Ah, it is up to the business owner to know what the critical marketing issues are for his or her business. The marketing function builds on the owners’ insights; I don’t think it can substitute for it.

    SWOT analysis is one of those corporate tools that isn’t relevant to every company. The owner should be staying up on the issues in their industry and where their company fits in. Some of us are in small niches in which we’d better be “SWOTTING” in our minds every day, not just at marketing plan time.

    I think marketing frustrates small business owners with assumptions that “one size tool fits all” or that there is a single set of marketing questions that need answers.

    I like to start with conversations with the owner, not an analysis. Sometimes the owner is so busy that he or she doesn’t even know how much they know. Then the marketer can then choose the tools that will clarify, expand, invalidate, focus the owner’s vision and the company’s activities. Like Maria Marsala said, it’s taking what’s in our heads and writing it down that is the place to start.

    We don’t want pretty plans that sit on a shelf, we want to breathe life and dollars into a company’s performance, and the foundation has to be focused on the right questions, the ones the CEO ought to know by heart.

    Susan M. Kuhn
    Small Business Advocate

  29. Thanks, Just in time marketing help. I am meeting with a new marketing candidate next week as will use this a sumation tool to open discussions with this peron as to the thinking, process and value brought to our organization.

    I will let you know how it works.

    Duane Kunz
    Heartland Medical Distribution, LLC

  30. Hi, the download links are down, hoping you can make the files available for downloading again. thanks!

  31. Website not designed yet, as still doing due diligence on product to offer. WILL be wellness; complex/medicinal functional beverage. Please let me know when your site is ready for downloading links again.
    Vickie Nicely, V.P/admin. assistant

  32. Tracey "Biz Doctor" Dooley

    Great tools for the reference library!

    I think the problem with marketing is it can appear to be complicated when in reality it isn’t.

    (Edited by Editor)

  33. Thanks Dennis at RetailSmart for the matrix idea. I am always preaching that the products and customer problems/need to align, but a picture is worth lots more than my word.

    Thanks for the posts. I like to do what is typically described as an executive summary with SWOT anaylsis. The SWOT helps to identify gaps in the marketplace which can be business opportunities or gaps in your business. It is also a great way to get senior management/owners to participate in the plan, so you can get alignment with them and it sets the stage for buy-in to the plan. It is also imperative to do to create and align products for customers. SWOT is your reality check and then you plan based upon the results of it. And the most important part of the plan in my opinion is the positioning statement because it is the marketing plan boiled down to its essence. Here is my favorite template for a positioning statement (modified from Harry Beckwith with some Scott Bedbury thrown in):

    [Who you are: ]
    [What you do:]
    [For Whom/What need:]
    [Against Whom/Who are your competitors:]
    [What is unique about your offering:]
    [CONSUMER BENEFIT/VALUE PROPOSITION/or Why a consumer should choose you:]

    [Who you are: ] Kiawah Island
    [What you do:] is a luxury resort and residential community
    [For Whom/What need:] for people seeking a luxury primary or second home.
    [Against whom/Who are your competitors:] Unlike Sea Island,Amelia Island, Lake Nona, Palmetto Dunes, etc.,
    [What is unique about your offering:] Kiawah Island has 10 miles of pristine beach, rivers and marsh, abundant wildlife, 6 acclaimed golf courses, near historic Charleston.
    [CONSUMER BENEFIT/VALUE PROPOSITION/or Why a consumer should choose you:]
    Kiawah’s unique combination of southern charms makes it the best place to spend the best days of your life.

    If you do a good job on this part you can derive a brand mantra from your consumer promise:
    BRAND MANTRA:The best place to spend the best days of your life

    Then you measure all of your tactics to see if they contribute/tie back to the goal of your brand promise.


    Here are two matrices that I use for at-a-glance communication for running a campaign. The first has a summary of your strategy at top (your one page marketing plan would precede this)
    Goal (one sentence)
    (one sentence)
    Related Research or Statisctics
    (one sentence)
    Target Audience
    (one sentence)
    Currrent (one sentence)

    and then the matrix below shows all of your tactics with details on assignment and timing, etc. It helps align tactics to strategy.

    Across the top you have :
    Media/Tactic/Rationale/Contact Person/Timeframe/Cost /Status/Notes
    Projects are numbered down the side.
    The second one helps with being efficient and seeing how each communication tactic can be used to cover which segment or if it can help internal and external communications. At the top it has:
    Tactic/Rational/(list down left columns), then lists communication targets, i.e.:

    Tactic|Rationale – Property Owner|PO Referral|Founder Prospect|Prospect Database|New Inquiries|Sales Executives

    The grid cells under the communication targets just have bullets showing who gets what kind of communication.This matrix help sales communications, determine quantities, timing, and internal training required.

    I love to use these one page “dashboards” in meetings.

    Email me if you want sample docs at: [email protected]

  34. I read recently that “the most exciting business ideas can fit on the back of an airplane napkin.” Not only it is far less overwhelming to create a one-page marketing plan than it is to write a full-blown, 30-page plan, but it’s easier to follow, too. Keep it simple, silly!

  35. Charts and checklists can cover up a weak core idea…and the lack of charts and checklists can prevent a strong core idea from being implemented.

    It is the ability to conduct dialogue between the two modes of thought — creative and technical — that makes you an entrepreneur…or a CEO.

  36. Thanks for this great article about an easy marketing plan to use. I especially think the templates will be helpful to those just starting out.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!


    (Edited by Editor)

  37. Hi…the links don’t seem to be working to view the templates. If I could get them emailed to me, that would be great. Thanks!

  38. Thank you. I was seeking a short marketing plan. I think I will combine the 2. I recently wrote a trimester plan that took me about a month. With additional training I was asked to write a business plan. Your’s is perfect. Thank you!

  39. I agree. It’s so hard to get people to sit down a develop a marketing plan.

    Great for the templates! I’m sure they help those who are really stuck as to where to begin.

  40. Thanks, Ivana. You are absolutely correct when it comes to planning and most businesses would rather do without. But the proper planning can mean all the difference in the world. I’ll be sure to share the information here with many in my network.

    John Sternal

  41. Hello,
    My name is Dr. L M Foong, PhD. I was retired 2 months ago and now building a Marketing Plan Template blog to share my knowledge.
    I can across your website and found something of value add to my visitor. I wonder if you have affiliate program for me to put it on my blog.
    Would be pleased if you review my blog for suitability. http://marketingplantemplate.org

    Dr. L M Foong

  42. Nice, This really has help me out with the way i am running my business thank you this information I will pass it on and put it to good use. Thomas Spencer. I LOVE THIS SITE.

  43. Thanks for the templates. Even after years of being in the business with my team, it is always good to be nicely reminded that brevity is much welcome. A one-pager is easier to digest. When one is forced to be concise, one needs to think things through thoroughly! Thank you for giving us the downloads and samples.

  44. Great post. Can someone post a similar template for social media marketing plan?

  45. WOW! This is just the article that I was looking for. Thanks for posting this on your site. Cheers.

  46. This sounds fantastic but I can’t seem to view the templates via those links. Could you mail them to me please. Thank you.

  47. I’m gonna give this a try.

  48. Good day to everyone who has left a said comment. I agree a SWOT analysis will be the ideal thing to do first. This will indeed lead to a gap analysis that will also help in your solving your said problem.

  49. I love these 1 page plans. Thank you for sharing these plans. These are simple enough and straight forward enough, that anyone can use them. Thanks again!!!

  50. One pagers are great! Thanks for sharing. I would also remind people that beside the action item, they also say who is responsible for execution so that people can be held accountable.

  51. Thanks for the info and the templates. Failing to plan really is the same as planning to fail. Thanks again.

  52. Carlos Merriweather

    Hi Ivana,
    Thank you for posting this. I graduated from business administration, children’s literature, and sound engineering schools, and all accumulated, my marketing plan may have ended 20 pages long or more. I was offered a sponsor proposal to help me help preteens and youth develop in the areas of personal development and strengthening their compassion. He asked for a marketing plan. I went on line looking for a guide, something I could use that would not overwhelm him, and make it easy for him to help offer my book, coaching, a soon to be released guide book and another series. With so much to offer, I had to have simple. This is perfect!!
    Thank you so much!

  53. Thank you. I was seeking a short marketing plan. I think I will combine the 2. Thanks for generosity to share them with us!

  54. Most unsuccessful businesses have one common weakness: poor planning, or lack of any planning. Unfortunately, the pain of doing the ground work is put to the back burner and instead, many take the “spray and pray” technique. Marketing is no different.

    Concise planning, forecasting, and modeling are vital to any organization.

  55. Thank you for these useful tips and samples, Ivana! I agree with you, proper planning is very important for positioning your brand well.

  56. Ivana,

    I have been looking for a simple template to give my clients who are new with the concept of marketing planning. I have now a host of long. bloated formats that no one wants to use. Your templates are simple, but require that the user put some real effort into thinking of the marketing answers. I think that’s perfect. Thanks for sharing these gems.

  57. I think the one pager is a little brief and does not cover many of the basic items of a business plan, well at least in much detail. Business plans and objectives change though so perhaps it is easier to keep updated.

  58. I think this is a great resource and a good way to get the thought process started in a business’ marketing plan.

    It uses simple language and is great for entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily have the business background (especially in terminology and the technical knowledge). I’ve been looking for ways to simplify the business plan process to entrepreneurs in rural areas of Brazil and emphasize the planning and documentation process in a way that isn’t overwhelming or complicated and I’d say this is a great start for the marketing plan of it.

    Thanks a lot for posting this!

  59. 3 of the the marketing plan links aren’t working again – only the one page template opens.

    Please could you email the others to me?

    Thanks – and congratulations on a great site, I’ve spent hours here trawling through article after article – it’s really good stuff, unlike so much dross that is posted on other sites. Thank you.

  60. This site listed above information was really very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing brilliant info here. But can you please tell me Why a Marketing Strategy is Important and what kind of things we have to consider in Marketing Plan?

  61. I love the templates. So practical!

  62. It’s always good to remember that most times the simpler things are more effective. This plan will come in handy as I also hate complex plans that end up being difficult to implement

  63. I did not read all the comments but just a few from the Top. Well, I had some feedback as well.. But keeping those aside, I would just like to acknowledge that you have CREATED something. This takes Time,Effort and some creativity. And if you can do it once, you can do it many times. And just to highlight my view, the reason you made a one page plan is because you might have thought about the complexity involved in the Multi page detailed marketing plan. So for me its not about that you dont know, but its just that You know enough. Great Job.:-)

  64. Thanks so much for your tips and for sharing your templates. They are great!

  65. If more small business owners would just give some serious thought and planning to the items you suggest in your marketing plan templates, they’d be more focused and on track.

  66. Can you put it in pdf instead of word? Then I would be happy to open it and seek further.

  67. It is my first on this page.am gonna try out the one page plans and see what results i get.i will sure will share my testimony with you. Just keep me posted with your other releases.

  68. Thanks for sharing with anyone who wants to access these docs.

  69. I am a student in one of the college in Cavite, Phil. We have a reserch for Marketing Plan Outline. Can I have a Marketing Plan with example to guide our reserh. Thank You.

  70. Definitely awesome. Downloaded both of them. I like to make marketing simple too. I’d say that the ability to go REACH people is entirely more important than getting hung up on market research. (not that I don’t think that’s important or anything) – I just want to know how to reach the right people. Knowing who they are doesn’t help me.

  71. Thanks for uploading these!!

  72. Does anyone have any examples/templates regarding marketing specifically for online ads?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  73. I thank everyone who contrinuted in this discussion and especially the authur. This is one of the most quick gotten solutions i ever had on google search.

    I have costomised the template adding improving it with information from susan Oakes’s comments.

  74. These templates are good. This is the first time I am seeing such a compact marketing plan. I feel the 2nd template seems to be more practical. You have also provided a sample marketing plan which makes it more clear.

    People who are planning to start a business or who are already into it, can use this template to properly identify their customers, strategy and distribution. This gives a proper sense of direction.

    If a business owner can fill this template properly and is satisfied, then progress is a matter of implementation.

  75. Ivana:
    I agree that 100 page plans — which can be quite applicable for major corporations — are not a necessity for smaller firms. A one-pager might even be useful for top execs, but not for their entire organization.

    These very brief one-pagers may work for a solopreneur or a firm of two or three, the larger the firm becomes and more complex communications become in terms of the ability to keep everyone on the same page, the less effective this ‘generic’ type of plan becomes.

    SWOT analysis can be a valuable tool and is also quick and easy to do. And, as much as no one likes to do any research, it is important that we all know what is going on in the world around us that can make or break our company. Again, this doesn’t have to be an all-consuming task, but it needs to be done.

    Planning needs to be incorporated into a company’s routine and over time, it becomes easier and less time consuming to accomplish. The results of planning and implementing the plan can move a company forward on a clear track for success.

  76. These templates are great start for every newbie. The content in one page marketing so do not rush. Take your time and write the exact words that will motivate their readers to do what you want.

  77. Monica Williams

    These marketing plans help me consult with others who know nothing about marketing. It cuts out all the technical language and help my clients understand how they can do their part in the marketing.

  78. Nice and simple just what I was looking for… many thanks! I was using Smart Sheet with Google Docs but the marketing plan was just too complicated.

  79. Thanks a lot,
    Before getting this I was very confused to make a multipager marketing plan as I am very new in marketing. Now I can keep experimenting over you plan and make it relevant much for my products.

    Thanks again

    • Georgi Vasilev

      Yeah, that’s my point too. It’s perfect for newbies. Also it’s not necessary to be SEO expert which is great.

  80. Lovely, really simplifies my work

  81. we were run a Real Estate magazine in Nepal,before 3 years.our market not increase than before.ads was not coming as well.how can you suggest me?what kind of marketing plan its required?please help me from your suggest?

  82. Great template..I looked at the sample one for the pet play business.

    you could also add the element of time…priorities for each quarter?

    Could you combine:

    How much will each program contribute to my revenue/profitability:


    Programs I am running to reach my goal

  83. Thank you for this simple tool. I have created many plans, but I was really looking for a quick version. I will keep you posted.

  84. I like the idea of a 2 page (think your one page is a bit too brief) plan. However, I see it more as the starting pointfor a small business so the owner looks at the bigger picture. Once that is firmly established and agreed I do feel a practical detailed ‘tactics’ section is essential. This needs to outline what exactly is being done when and costed properly.

    That said, I’ve downloaded your 2 page template and thank you for making it freely available.

  85. What I really love about the one-pager is that it’s a simple single sheet of paper that outlines the basic marketing components or categories — those 4 Ps we love so much in marketing.

    But the good news that I have found is that that’s really all there is to it, and the many that I’ve shared this with all agree — keep it simple and on one page.

    About 20 years ago, I found a more detailed version along these lines in a Marketing Management book that Kotler wrote and I think the principles are still valid.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to use this format as a place to put their main thoughts so that they can cross-reference and focus on what the strategies are.

    What a Gift!

  86. Thanks a lot for sharing those resources Ivana! People told I need to have a one page marketing plan but I honestly had no idea what they looked like or what should be on one!!

  87. This is very helpful. I write a lot of business plans for people and when it comes to my business I dread lengthy documents. This marketing plan is just what I needed. Thank goodness your post showed up on Google on the 1st page!

  88. I’d have to say that following a plan is the only way to succeed in marketing. Your typical SWOT and 4Ps should be clearly documented and followed to a “T”. I have seen more people give up half way though their plan than I’ve seen complete them.

    Plan, Plan, Plan and then execute.

  89. I like a one page marketing plan for someone that’s just getting started with making money online. The worst thing someone can do is fall victim to information overload. Simple steps can earn a person a nice living working just part time from home. And Facebook is a great place for many of these quick and easy steps.

  90. Thank you so much for this information. I’m on my way to work to satrt implementing this one page stragegy.

  91. One page marketing plans are great to stay focused on your goals and strategies – BIG fan of putting it on paper.

    Of course they come in all shapes and sizes… I have several very simple free plan templates that help you build strategy, tactics and track on a calendar:

  92. Can you guys help me out?
    I have just started my own homoeopathy clinic in a suburb in melbourne about 2 weeks ago.I am not sure if you guys are aware but i will just share some info on homoeopathy.
    It is a form a natural healing where any illness is considered to be a result of an emotional/mental cause. A process called case taking that lasts for an hour and a half unfolds the case history and unearths facts that help to prescribe a medicine. on subsequent followups(15-30 mins), the patient has a better energy/ mood level which reflects on his illness getting better.
    what would you guys recommend for me to be able to attract more clients? what sort of a marketing strategy should i opt for?
    please lemme know

  93. Thanks for free templates, it is good to have marketing plan. so that we can focus on the more productive techniques. I have a small web design business in India.

  94. This is a product market plan, it does not translate for service. they are apples vs oranges

  95. I disagree with the above in so far as I see these plans being useful for services. My SB provides a service and these templates, while perhaps not perfectly suited for my needs, are a nice place to start from.

  96. Thank you for the downloadable templates! The idea of using a one sheet to keep track of your main components in marketing your product or event is very effective and efficient!

    We use something similar as we set out to create Process for everything we do in the office. For our events process, we have a one sheet that allows for everyone in our team working on the project to quickly see what our goals are and what we want to do. Thanks again -Rob

  97. Great Templates and Info! Thanks for sharing!

  98. Thanks for this. As a not for profit charity it means that there is absolutely no budget for a marketing person or a consultant. This has helped.

  99. Hello

    Just to thank you for making your marketing templates available simple and one page sounds purely blissful to me.
    I have no further feedback as have not considered them further yet.
    Just thanks

  100. Kohu Liem Barabuni

    i need a sample of your 1 page marketing plan

  101. Thanks for those samples and templates, I found them really useful.

  102. I have scanned through the different thoughts and ideas in the hope of getting some experience on Public Service Broadcasting or any business public for that matter. Someone help me here; how would you claim a target market for a public service in a one page or better still multiple?

  103. Thanks for sharing your format! It’s very concise and certainly lays out all the core elements. Although it’d be great if you could expand the Promotion Strategy & Sales Strategy sections.

  104. Hi all,

    Thank you very much for your one page marketing plan template and truly useful tips. I work in newly open incoming tour operator company as a marketing manager, with no experience in marketing :). It is really very tricky. I worked in tour operator company previously and realize what should the website be like, so was busy designing website structure ans writing content for 6 months. Now marketing plan is the first priority on my to-do. My targets are both individual travelers to my country Armenia and tour companies selling tours. So we have portfolio and I have mailing list to sent introductory messages, but I suppose I should have an annual plan. The mailing will last a month and I have no idea a all what to do later.
    Please could you advice.

    Many thanks in advance.


  105. I have found that creating a marketing plan that is **flexible** for your business is sometimes difficult with templates… so I recently created a new Marketing Plan Template Builder that lets you build a customized template based on the tactics you want for your business. It works with simple drop-down options and after selections are made the output is a customized annual marketing template where you can track tactics, timing, budget, etc.

    The marketing template builder is perfect for businesses that may need templates for multiple business units/markets, marketing consultants or just small businesses that need a little help.

    You can learn more and get the Marketing Plan Template Builder

  106. Super like! When you really need help this is the one article that will be there for you. I got the guidance without the boring verbosity of everything else that came up in my search.

  107. Marketing isn’t mysterious, and once you understand how the pieces fit together, you’ll be in better position to market your own company or to oversee someone to handle marketing for you, I suggest to learn more 7 Most Common Reasons That Your Marketing Plan Fail

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  109. its a great toolkit that comes handy when starting up a plan,i am impressed by this.

  110. Hi, I like your 2nd template better because it shows more to achieve goals. I’ve been using similar like your 2nd template as well for years and it helped me a lot. But as you know we need sometime to re-adjust it in the middle.

  111. Hi, I want to thank you for the samples. Very simple and easy to follow. Wondering if you have any
    simple telecommunication marketing samples.

  112. Thank you for these templates! I was just handed a project to come up with a marketing plan and have never done one before. This breaks it down for me in a digestible way that will not overwhelm and distract. I especially liked your reference to party planning. That got my attention, because I love to plan and execute events and attracting new business is very similar.

  113. Great tools for the toolkit library!

    I think the problem with marketing is it can appear to be complicated when in reality it isn’t.

    Glad I found this article thanks.

  114. Dear Guys,

    I think you guys can help me out.
    I have recently been appointed as head of the sales for Seminars & Conferences, even though we are doing everything that we are aware off, but sales are not increasing.
    Can any one suggest how to start from the beginning.
    How to find target audience, what are other points we have to look into etc.,

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Dear Vijay,
      I may help you with some ideas. Please let me know what kind of seminars and conferences you arrange and then something can be planned.

      I will reply once I get the answer for this.



  115. Great work Ivana…. 🙂

    The one page marketing plan is awesome and easier to use as compare to old traditional plan. It has crisp and absolute information which can be taken directly as the input and makes it easy to implement. The old traditional marketing plan used to be long but at the same very detailed also but thats not easy to implement and its quite tough to keep everything in mind when the implementation plan is prepared whereas one page marketing plan can be seen in just one view without turning any page and thats the beauty of this plan which makes it easy to implement.

    I would suggest to add SWOT using keywords in the fixed format. The idea is to brainstorm with the relevant group to make the SWOT. This is the real understanding of the business, and once we know the SWOT, it becomes like answering the given question but some times without SWOT, we try to find the answer of question without even knowing the question. 🙂

  116. The templates are an excellent guideline. Despite planning over and over, every new task is a new one and so challenging.
    Thanks for sharing and hope to receive more updates and hints.

  117. Creating a marketing plan is always a struggle – especially when you have to start from scratch or try to make an existing template “work” for you.

    This is why I created a marketing template builder – it walks you through easy drop-down options to create a marketing plan template that is customized for your business needs. Great for a small business or marketing consultants that need to create different plans for different businesses.

    You can check out the Marketing Plan Template Builder here: http://www.sbmarketingtools.com/marketing-plan-template-builder-tactics-budget-plans/

  118. Very nice marketing plan. Most marketing plans are over complicated and really not very useful.

    I like that you kept it simple and to the point!

  119. Ivana, thanks for the templates, and for including a sample filled-out version to reference. A few other items we typically include in our marketing planning are: Asset Requirements (graphics, messaging, videos, etc), Expected Outcome (should have some hypothesis about the expected outcome of the marketing effort), Open Questions (anything that needs to be addressed before executing the plan), and Assumptions (similar to hypothesis but these are more inputs than outputs). -makeitmindful

  120. Mark Joseph Pinto

    I’m a student I can see it can help me in my study.but unfortunately i can’t download the file. Is there another way so that i can see the file as a guide. thank you

  121. Renata Williams

    Hi im currently doing a at the University of Stellenbosh doing a Small Business Course, im now busy with marketing analysis and have to do a maketing plan. ive tried to download your template but cannot get to do the changes i need in order to have my business details on the template, would you please be so kind as to assist.

    thanking you in advance.

  122. Amir Najam Sethit

    I want to start up On page marketing Plan. Give me some more valuable tips and ideas. Thank you for posting this article. It is beneficial to me.

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  124. Brilliantly explained! Thanks to you that i have understood the role of Digital Marketing in the present world and its various

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