20 YouTube Video Ideas to Put on Your Small Business’s Channel

20 Video Ideas for YouTube to Put on Your Small Business's Channel

Video marketing has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. And YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for posting and sharing those videos.

If you have a YouTube channel for your small business, or are thinking of starting one, here are 20 ideas for types of content you can post.

Video Ideas for YouTube

Product Spotlights

If your business is a product-based one, you can use YouTube as a platform for highlighting specific products, as Guitar Center does here.

Product Announcements

Then when your business comes out with new products, you can create videos that offer a preview of all the new features.

Product-in-Action Videos

Video can be a great way to show your products in action. This is especially relevant for products like video games. PlayStation often posts gameplay videos for the games available on its device.

Product Explanations

If your product is something that might require a bit of an explanation, you might also consider creating videos aimed at simply explaining it to beginners. This can help them get acquainted enough with your offering to gain interest.

Product Comparisons

You can also create videos that compare multiple products to help your customers make more informed choices. Samsung does this with a couple of its devices in the video below.

Collection Videos

If your business releases collections of products, like lines of clothing or similar items, you can also create videos around those releases, like this example from H&M.

Mini Movies

Your YouTube content can certainly be intended to inform or persuade. But don’t forget to entertain your audience as well. Lego does this with mini movies that feature some of its popular product sets.

Special Offers

You can also share information about special offers or limited time promotions so that your YouTube viewers are constantly up-to-date with your offerings.

Customer Stories

To create more engagement with your customers and share content that’s relevant to your audience, you can create videos that share some of your customers’ stories through interviews or similar formats. Dove is one brand that utilizes this format.

Behind the Scenes Videos

You can also create videos that show some behind the scenes views of your company or products. Monster High is a line of kids’ toys that occasionally posts behind-the-scenes content from photo shoots on its YouTube channel.

Company Milestones

When your company reaches a big milestone or has a big accomplishment, you can create a YouTube video to celebrate and share the news, as Nike does here.

How-to Videos

People often watch videos to learn how to accomplish certain tasks. So you can make these helpful videos in a way that includes some of your products or services.

Tips Videos

You can also create videos that offer simple tips on a particular subject. In this video, Coca-Cola shares some tips for cooking potatoes for a summer barbecue, and simply includes some views of its own product within the video.

Discussion Videos

Similar to how you might discuss various topics on a blog, you can create a video where you simply share your expertise or some thoughts on a particular topic. Tiger Fitness does this in some of its videos, including this discussion surrounding crossfit.


Video can also be a great format for showing off content from your audience, especially if you can collect clips from people as part of a contest. GoPro is one example of a company that has done this well.

Inspirational Videos

Even if a video doesn’t directly relate to your products, it can still offer value to your target audience. Inspirational videos like this one from L’Oreal Paris can sort of break up all those videos that specifically relate to your products or services.

Regular Series

If you create enough video content regularly, you can turn it into a web series. Red Bull does this with some of the behind the scenes content it shoots with various extreme sports stars.

Influencer Videos

You can also partner with influencers relevant to your audience and ask them to star in your videos as a way of creating quality content and growing your audience. Party City has done this with DIY blogger PS I Made This.

Holiday Greetings

On or around holidays, you can also make special videos intended to show some festive spirit and have some fun, like this example from Angry Birds.

Funny Videos

You can also simply have some fun with your audience by posting funny commercials or other video content on your YouTube channel. This prank video from McDonalds that was created for April Fools Day is a great example.

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