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  1. Insurance is very important because it serves as a safety net for businesses in case things go wrong. It can also help in making the business more stable.

  2. My brother has been wanting to start a shipping business and is trying to decide what kind of services he will need. You mentioned that business insurance shows your prospective clients and customers that you’re a safe bet. Do most small businesses have specific types of insurance coverage? Getting some insurance quotes could be very beneficial.

  3. Property and liability are normal coverages. Workmans comp is needed if there are employees. Let us know if you have more questions.

  4. A good friend of mine was telling me about his idea to start up his own business, but he doesn’t know a lot about how to do it or what the insurance process would look like. I didn’t realize that business insurance can cover unforeseen accidents like hurricanes and fires, but this seems like something that would be really necessary to have before something like that happened. If I were to ever start a business, I would be sure to make sure my assets and employees were covered. I’ll share this information with my friend in case he decides he wants to go through with his idea!

  5. I’m planning on becoming a small business owner, and I think your post is extremely helpful. I like how you mentioned that you need a business insurance because you cannot predict the future. This is something I would definitely consider, especially I was someone just starting out. Good read.

  6. It was really nice how you pointed out that one of the benefits of having a business insurance is the idea that the employees are more likely to stay in a company if they know that their benefits package includes life, health, and disability insurance. I will be sure to mention that to a friend of mine because he told me a few nights ago that he plans on starting his own business in the future. I made a promise that I will help him search for the things that will help make the business successful, and this is what I found. Thank you for the info. Now I know what to tell him.

  7. That is really interesting that having insurance isn’t just about protecting the business but could attract and retain qualified employees. That sounds like something that I would love to have if I were starting a business. It would be important for me to get insurance if I started a company.

  8. As a fellow insurance agent, all I can say about this article is “nailed it!” If business owners don’t understand the importance and urgency of having business insurance, they are truly missing out on some serious financial repercussions if something goes awry!


  9. I agree that without business insurance, you could get go out of business due to the cause of legal defense when facing any lawsuit. Thanks for discussing the benefits of having insurance. I think your article is very useful to those start-up companies who are having a second thought in getting their business insurance service. They will know how vital it is to get one.

  10. You make a good point that business insurance will help to attract employees because you will have benefits packages that employees want to have. Not only would this help to benefit your employees but if they are always happy and healthy then they will be effective and will get lots of work done. Lots of work equals more money in the long run, so what employer wouldn’t want that?

  11. It’s valuable that you point out that it’s important to have insurance for your business to protect you in case you get sued. I’m thinking about buying a restaurant in the near future, so I will probably want to purchase some good business insurance for it. I’m going to search for a good company that can sell me some business insurance for a restaurant.

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