52 Home Based Business Ideas

52 Home Based Business Ideas

Starting a home based business can be rewarding and fun. At a time when social distancing may be important, more people than ever are glad to stay at home for work. Luckily, there are many home business ideas to spark your thinking.

People often ask, what is the best home business to start? The answer is: the best home business is the one that meets the most requirements on your list. Make a list of the factors important to you, such as a good income; a flexible schedule; independence; work-life balance; low startup costs; something within your skill level and experience; interesting work you have a passion for.

52 Home Based Business Ideas

Below is a list of 52 businesses you can run from home for fun and profit.

1. Web Designer

Start a business designing new websites or updating existing websites. Work with clients to add your aesthetic and design expertise to their websites. Some web designers use website builder tools such as WordPress or Wix. Others code from scratch and use graphic design tools. Making a profit from a new business in web design is easy due to the low costs.

2. Facebook Page Designer

You also can use your design expertise to work with clients to improve their Facebook pages. This is yet another opportunity for a graphic designer to be part of a growth industry. It is also a way to earn income while working from home.

3. Home Daycare Business

Do you enjoy working with kids? Start a daycare business where you take care of children in your own home. Be sure to make your home safe.  Caring for children is a big responsibility. A daycare service is a business requiring good communication with parents. You also need credentials to meet any licensing requirements.

4. Vintage Clothing Reseller

Vintage clothing is in vogue. Online platforms like eBay and Etsy make it easy to start a business selling vintage clothing — no experience required. How do you ensure a good inventory of supplies for this business? Simple. Shop for bargains online where consumers sell used items, such as Craigslist. Or scour thrift stores and attend house sales. You can even sell clothing products you already own. Research prices, and buy low and sell higher.

5. Music Teacher

Entrepreneurs with musical talent can start a home based business as a music teacher. Open up your home to clients who want to learn an instrument or take voice lessons. Don’t want people coming to your home? Then use video conferencing technology such as Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom, and hold online teaching sessions from home to students anywhere. In-person sessions are not required.

6. Party Planner

People often need help planning events, from birthdays to graduations. Do you enjoy making plans and working with people? Party planner may be an ideal job for home, although you may have to meet with clients at event locations occasionally. As a party planner you make sure that the events are memorable. This is a great home based business idea for anyone who is detail oriented.

7. Party Clown

Being a clown for kids’ birthday parties can be a great way to have a fun job if you enjoy working with children. With this business idea you’ll need to leave home for events. But you can do the booking and prep work from home.

8. Dance Instructor

Anyone with a background in dance and access to clients can offer dance classes from home. With this business idea you get started either by setting  up a studio in your home or renting a space. Or you can offer dance instruction virtually through video courses. Do the administrative work in your home.

9. House Cleaning

Are you one of those unusual people who love cleaning? Or perhaps you are just good at it. A house cleaning service is a way to earn a living and over time gain financial independence. This business requires little except basic cleaning products and a service attitude.

10. YouTube Personality

There’s never a guarantee of making it big on YouTube. But becoming a YouTuber is still a great home based business idea. Start by creating a variety of video content for the platform from your home. Run ads on your videos to earn revenue.

11. Jewelry Maker

52 Home Based Business Ideas - Jeweler

People love custom jewelry. It meets their need to be different. There are many methods and supplies to create handmade jewelry — including precious metals, gems, beads and stones. Sell jewelry online, at craft shows or wholesale to retailers. Set up an online store to expose your business to even more customers.

12. Personal Trainer

Ideas like becoming a personal trainer are great for fitness-loving entrepreneurs. Offer training sessions to clients out of your home gym or workout room. Or travel to clients’ homes. Some enterprising personal trainers take their business online. They provide training and fitness courses virtually through video conferencing apps like Skype. Get a few happy clients and your home business will grow through word of mouth referrals.

13. Copywriter

Advertising and marketing companies are always looking for freelance copywriters to help with creative projects. Set up a home office with a computer. Then apply your marketing savvy to earn bucks. Freelance writing is a home based business that literally can be global, with clients across the world.

14. Clothing Designer

As home business ideas go, there are plenty of opportunities for designers to create and sell their own clothing from home. Whether you stitch intricate gowns, create hand-painted scarves or design t-shirts, the opportunities for earning from home are almost endless. Many people are willing to pay for unique wearable art. If you have a passion for fashion, and need to earn cash, make this your business.

15. Ebook Writer

Are you an aspiring novelist? Prefer nonfiction writing? Anyone who enjoys freelance writing can turn it into a business as an ebook author. It’s easier than ever to be a self-published ebook author. Amazon is one of the top places to sell an ebook, but there are other platforms also.

16. Hot Air Balloon Operator

Though certainly not a cheap venture, offering balloon rides from your property can be a great way to have fun in a lucrative business. Make sure to read up on local regulations and safety for this business.

17. Massage Therapist

Licensed massage therapists can set up studios in their own homes to meet with clients and offer their services, making it one of the better ideas for qualified individuals.

18. Hair Stylist

hair stylist

Hair stylists can set up a room in their homes to accept appointments with clients. However, read up on state and local licensing requirements to make sure you comply. Take this business online to diversify revenue streams. Display your styling abilities on YouTube or Instagram. As a virtual stylist, you can profit from online classes showing others how to arrange the latest hairstyles, or by recommending sponsored products or becoming a brand ambassador.

19. Interior Designer

Interior designer is one of the best business ideas for anyone with a knack for style and design. Offer decorating services to businesses and homeowners. You do not need a physical location to offer this service. You can do much of the brainstorming and administrative work from home and visit clients on site.

20. Home Staging Business

Home staging is a service where you arrange furniture and other decorative elements for clients who need to sell or rent their homes. Work with real estate professionals who want to close sales, also. Ideas like this don’t require a business office, just expertise.

21. Seller of Collectibles

If you have an interest in antiques or collectibles, become a seller on eBay, Etsy,  or niche communities. Build a home based business around collectibles you love. You probably already collect such items, so you know where to find more products to sell. You also know the market prices to charge. Open an online store to showcase your products to a larger audience.

22. Social Media Consultant

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are popular not just for business use, but also for individuals who simply enjoy using them. Add consultant to the list of ideas you can start to help other businesses shape and carry out their social media strategies. You can do this business on the side while in college.

23. Dog Groomer

52 Home Based Business Ideas - dog groomer

Love dogs? The way to start a dog grooming business is to get basic supplies such as clippers and set up shop in your home. You will work with plenty of canine companions. Get a van and outfit the vehicle to offer a mobile dog groomer service. Dog owners often need other services, such as pet sitting and dog walking, so you may be able to increase your income from existing clients.

24. Pet Sitter

A pet sitting or dog walking service indulges your passion for dogs and other pets, but requires hardly any equipment.  Get started for free — or perhaps the cost of pet treats and dog leashes. Dog walking or pet sitting requires you to visit clients’ homes. The positives of this small business are a flexible schedule and a home office. Add technology such as scheduling apps to manage administrative work.

25. Drone Trainer

A few years ago, who would have thought of a business like drone trainer? Yet, today, people want to learn how to use drones. Be the person to teach them. For example, real estate agents use drones to get MLS listing photographs. Offer lessons from your home — just make sure you can fly the drone freely. Also make sure to meet FAA and local requirements.

26. Personal Stylist

Enjoy fashion? Have a great sense of style? Offer your services as a personal stylist. Help clients build their wardrobes and put together outfits. A personal stylist business has low startup costs.

27. Photographer

You can build any number of successful photography businesses from your home. You can be a portrait photographer, wedding photographer or nature photographer. Some photographers choose to teach others how to learn photography.

28. Gift Basket Arranger

gift basket arranger

People buy all types of gift baskets for home and business purposes. Gift baskets can be so creative! If you enjoy arranging and designing baskets of food, personal care products or similar products, it might be a fun home business idea to consider.

29. Furniture Upcycler

There are many platforms and places where you can sell furniture and home products. Find old pieces at flea markets or second-hand stores. Add your own upgrades and resell furniture for a profit after fixing it.

30. Bicycle Repair Expert

Good and profitable home businesses make use of resources you already have. If you love bikes and enjoy fixing things, you could convert your garage into a workshop. Offer bike repair services. Either have your neighbors drop their bicycles off or you can offer a pick-up delivery service. Just a bit of equipment is all you will need at first.

31. Baker

Baking is fun and rewarding to many people. Bakers, buy some equipment and set up a commercial kitchen at home. Sell baked goods to local shops or businesses. Or set up a storefront  to sell products online. Read up on regulations to be compliant!

32. Jam Seller

Jam seller is another one of those promising home based businesses for people who love to create food.  If making jam or canned goods is your specialty, the way to start is to create your own line of products for sale.

33. Caterer

52 Home Based Business Ideas - caterer

Want to launch a catering service? In a home catering business you make the food in your kitchen and bring it to events or client locations.

34. Florist

Creating beautiful flower arrangements can be a fun activity for anyone with an eye for design. Turn it into a career selling flower arrangements you create working from home.

35. Fundraiser

Some businesses make you feel great. Non-profit fundraising is one of them. Charities use events as a primary fundraising method. If you enjoy organizing events and helping causes, then fundraiser may be a good idea for your home based business.

36. App Designer

Designing mobile apps is a huge field. If you have the technical know-how, create apps from home or offer your services to small businesses.

37. Landscape Designer

Landscape design is another work-from-home career option. It’s a good idea for people who are design oriented and enjoy working outdoors.

38. Tie-dye Shirt Designer

tie-dye shirt designer

Tie-dying shirts and other clothing and accessory items can be fun. Create signature products to sell online or at craft shows. The shirts may be niche products, but they do have a market. The market is not just for Baby Boomers.

39. Life Coach

Coaches help people develop plans for their career and relationships, and help them balance life and work. You can work with clients in person, online or over the phone. Life coach can be a full-time or part-time service.

40. Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding requires a lot of work and organizational skills. Many couples hire a wedding coordinator to manage the many details of the event. You can do much of that work from home if you enjoy organizing events. With hard work you eventually will build a network and generate word of mouth for a successful business.

41. Henna Designer

Henna is a plant that has been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes. If you’re an artist versed in the Henna tradition, you can create designs and sell them. Or apply designs at events.

42. Blogger

Enjoy freelance writing? Your skill may lead to a home based business as a professional blogger. It helps if you can make posts look attractive through photography and graphic design. You make bank by blogging for corporate clients who pay for your services. Or run Google AdSense ads, or insert affiliate marketing links to get paid whenever someone buys through your link.

43. Glass Blower

52 Home Based Business Ideas - glass blower

Is glass blowing your hobby? Perhaps you create jewelry or home decor. It’s possible to sell your products online, in retail shops, or at shows. However, you need equipment (including a costly furnace). You also need the skill to handle dangerously hot glass. If glass blowing is on your shortlist of ideas, try it first as a hobby before committing what could be a sizable investment.

44. Publicist

If you have a knack for public relations, work from home as a publicist. Help business clients announce new products and services to the media or promote marketing campaigns. A publicist business is ideal if you need to work from home due to family commitments. Do your work via email, phone and social media.

45. Vacation Rental Owner

Do you have an extra room, apartment or space in your home that isn’t being used? Turn it into a vacation rental and list it on sites like Airbnb or VRBO.com.

46. Mystery Shopper

Love shopping? You can offer your services as a mystery shopper, evaluating the customer service and needs of stores in your area. Although this often requires actually visiting stores, you do the administrative work from home.

47. Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor

Yoga is hugely popular. If you’re well versed in the practice, set up a yoga studio in your home or backyard. Provide yoga training services and share your expertise.

48. Travel Planner

Planning vacations has become much easier thanks to new online tools. But companies and large groups still need help when planning and organizing travel arrangements. If that’s something you enjoy, set up a business to offer your services.

49. Bed and Breakfast Operator

If you have a large space that’s suitable for regular guests, start a bed and breakfast to welcome travelers into your home.

50. Christmas Tree Farmer

As home business ideas go, you need substantial outdoor space for a tree farm. But if you enjoy nature, being outside and welcoming people to your property around the holidays, then running a Christmas tree farm or lot may be a fun home based business idea for you.

51. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant you help entrepreneurs and business owners schedule appointments, take care of administrative tasks, even do graphic design services. Get started with a computer and a good internet connection.

52. Online Store

Create an online store to sell products – your own or items you get from suppliers. This online business can be a good way to earn cash. From Amazon to eBay to a Shopify store, you have multiple platforms to run your online business.

Take the Next Steps

Most home-based businesses don’t require much investment — in fact, it’s possible for an entrepreneur to get into business for under $100.  Follow these 4 tips for home business success:

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  5. So happy to see Jam Maker on this list. I recently started my own business making and selling unique jams and jellies online. I never knew I was trendy. Many good ideas on here. I’ve only just started to make the break from traditional work force, but believe it is the best decision I’ve made in a long time – though I still haven’t fully quit my day job.

    • That’s awesome! How large of an investment did you have to make putting a commercial kitchen space into your home, according to public health laws? I would love to sell a food product online, but the government regulations are just too cumbersome and expensive for me.

  6. I recently started working as a dance instructor from home and it has been wonderful! I have never thought that this would be my job. My advice is – always follow your dreams. Hard work pays off eventually!

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  18. Nice list. I find that a lot of people want a turn-key business – one that doesn’t require a lot of capital to start and maintain. Unfortunately, the majority of the businesses listed here either require significant start-up costs because in a lot of them you need liability insurance, licenses, cash to buy the inventory to start the business, and or a physical location in order to operate.

    Although picking a business that is fun sounds like fun, you’ve still got to treat it like a business and look further than the “fun” factor or else you’ll be out of business before you know it.

    I always recommend people start in an industry they know well – as long as there is profit to be made. In addition, an Internet-based business has very little overhead expenses and so in turn, you can get into profit a lot faster. Those would be my two recommendations for anyone looking to start a small or home-based business.

    Overall a nice article to start the process of choosing a home business.

    • Corrisa, thank you for adding your thoughts on Annie’s list. I wholeheartedly agree with your points to consider.

      I would encourage anyone looking to join a network marketing-based business to do their due diligence before signing up. As I have found in my past ventures into home based businesses, the KEY to success is to treat your business as exactly that and not a hobby or trending fad.

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  21. I would encourage anyone looking to join a network marketing-based business to do their due diligence before signing up. As I have found in my past ventures into home based businesses, the KEY to success is to treat your business as exactly that and not a hobby or trending fad.

  22. Your idea will bring you your company, your company will bring you the people, and the people will bring you the market. And as we all know, a good idea has no monetary value, just a whole lot of bursting potential.

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  25. I would never advise starting a pet sitting business without paying some upfront costs like pet sitting insurance at a minimum which will run you about $200. There are so many liabilities to consider when caring for a pet and having access to another person’s home. The schedule is flexible, but be aware that you will be on call for the duration of the owner’s absence, so your personal plans have to also be flexible. There is so much work involved in this type of business and very long hours if you plan to make it your primary source of income. Holidays and weekends are your prime travel times, so unless you want to commit to those days, advertising your services through another service like Rover might be a better avenue.

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