15 Top Insurance Franchise Business Opportunities in the US

These are the Top Insurance Franchise Business Opportunities in the US

Insurance franchises offer opportunities for small business owners with previous sales or finance experience. And these companies provide expert help along the way. So their guidance helps your business constantly grow.

Insurance Franchise Opportunities

Check out 15 of the top insurance franchise opportunities in the US to get started.

Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance provides franchisees with the freedom to operate their own insurance agencies their way. And owners can expect to be well remunerated for good performances. However, you’ll need an initial cash investment of $100,000 and $50,000 liquid capital.

Boardwalk Insurance Group

Boardwalk Insurance allows franchisees to write a policy for pretty much anyone. But the company specializes in niche markets. You can write personal automobile policies. They also supply policies for skyscraper insurance or government agencies. And independent agents sell all levels of insurance coverage. Boardwalk helps you get started with their ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.

Brightway Insurance

Brightway Insurance offers a range of insurance services for franchisees covering homes and businesses. And you can also write policies for automobiles and life insurance. The firm offers a centralized service center and accounting office. And franchise owners can also take advantage of their innovative business plan. But you’ll need an average initial investment of around $140,000.

ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek offers franchisees enormous income potential. And the company helps even inexperienced owners to work with any medical or dental specialty to maximize their chances of success. The package includes 1-on-1 training and business structure customization.

Estrella Insurance

A franchise from Estrella Insurance requires an initial investment of between $50,000 and $85,000. The company specializes in providing vehicle, home and business insurance.

Farmers Insurance

Owner Operator Programs for Farmers Insurance provide exclusive access to the company’s portfolio of benefits. These include commissions as well as start-up and performance bonuses. Becoming a Farmers agency owner requires a minimum initial investment of $50,000.

Goosehead Insurance

The total investment of becoming a Goosehead Insurance franchise ranges between $60,000 and $130,000. And this gives you access to their innovative franchise business model. You’ll also enjoy the support of their advisory team.

GlobalGreen Insurance Agency

This franchise allows you to offer insurance packages for life, automobiles, homes and commercial operations. This includes policies for farms and ranches. GlobalGreen also offers insurance for landlords and renters. You can insure all sorts of recreational vehicles too.

Fiesta Auto Insurance

Fiesta Auto Insurance originally provided insurance for automobiles, motorcycles and watercraft. But they now offer packages for businesses and homeowners too.  Franchises also offer special packages that cover public events and workers’ compensation. Finally, Fiesta franchises also offer a tax preparation service.

GreatFlorida Insurance

GreatFlorida Insurance offer ongoing advice to help you keep up with the dynamically changing insurance market. The company saw over $400 million in premiums during 2017.  It also ranked 10th in the Top Insurance Agency rankings by Insurance Journal Magazine

Insurance Lounge

Insurance Lounge focuses on making the insurance purchasing experience is as enjoyable as possible. The company seeks to make prospecting for new clients a thing of the past. Instead their retail setting and attractive design bring the clients to you. This franchise opportunity suits anyone with an insurance background. But the Insurance Lounge network also provides access to a support team of experienced professionals.

Paul Davis Restoration

Paul Davis claims to offer North America’s top property damage reconstruction restoration. The company brings experience, training and support to their franchisees. Paul Davis helps over 300 Paul Davis franchises across North America. These businesses deal with the damage from fire, mold, water, storms, natural disasters and other emergencies.

Pronto Insurance

Pronto Insurance aims to offer more affordable insurance products. The company specializes in auto, home and commercial insurance coverage. Franchises focus on non-standard consumers. For example, the company serves the Hispanic market.

We Insure

A former insurance agent founded We Insure. The company believes its successful business model accounts for its impressive growth. The company now boasts over 20 franchise agencies. Initial investment costs $50,000 and requires liquid capital of $30,000.

911 Restoration

911 Restoration offers franchises an experienced in-house marketing team. The team provides lead generation. But franchisers also receive access to an operational business coach. The coach trains you how to think, manage and grow like a CEO.

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  1. I have a real love/hate relationship with the insurance industry. I understand why it exists, but after obtaining auto insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, business insurance, etc. I feel like I’m spending all this money to protect myself from risk. What if I spent that money more productively?

    • All fine and dandy to Spend the money more “Productively” until stuff happens. there goes all your assets in a blink of an eye. Insurance allows you to spread risk to a third party, so if you house burns, it is replace. If your car gets crashed or stolen it is fixed or replaced. if you get really sick, your doctors & hospitals will treat you because they will be paid.

  2. There is a huge demand for insurance so I guess this is a rather profitable business.

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