50 Small Business Ideas for Video Producers

50 Video Production Business Ideas

Video producers, there are now more options than ever when it comes to starting a small business that revolves around video. If you’ve got some basic video equipment and the skills to create great video content, here are 50 different video production business ideas for you to consider.

Video Production Business Ideas


Vloggers are basically bloggers that use video as their main form of content. You can create video blogs about a wide range of topics, then earn money through ads, sponsored content, selling products or any number of other methods.

YouTube Partner

YouTube is one of the most popular outlets for people to share and watch video content online. And the platform offers an ad sharing program for partners who want to earn money by posting videos on the site.

AdSense Business

You can also make videos that you then post on a website where you host ads from AdWords or a similar platform that allows you to earn ad revenue.

Wedding Videography Service

Couples often hire videographers to capture their wedding days in video form. So you can build a business where you provide those videos for couples.

Drone Videographer

The emergence of drones has also led to a unique niche for videographers. You can offer a service where you capture film from an overhead or moving perspective using drone devices — though permits may be needed for this kind of business connected to use of your drone.

Local Advertising Production

Local advertising is still a relevant marketing tactic for some local businesses. So you could offer videography services where you produce local TV commercials for business clients.

Online Video Advertising Service

You could also provide a service where you produce ads to run online before YouTube videos or in banner ads.

Freelance Video Production

Or you could offer video production services on a freelance basis to businesses looking to create videos for a variety of purposes.

YouTube Influencer

Building a popular YouTube channel doesn’t have to mean making money through ad sharing. You can also work with brands that are relevant to your niche as an influencer.

Facebook Influencer

Facebook has also become a popular platform for video content, both edited and live video. So you could build a business around Facebook and work as an influencer.

Instagram Influencer

Or you could focus more on mobile video content and work with brands as an influencer who specializes in Instagram.

Training Video Service

Another popular way for businesses to benefit from the use of video is by using it for training purposes. So you could build a business around filming training videos in a specific niche.

Real Estate Video Service

Video is especially popular in the real estate world. You could build a business by creating videos that show off homes for sale.

Online Comedy Series

It’s also popular to build a business around a sitcom or comedic series of videos that you post on YouTube or Facebook. In this instance, you’d make money as a partner or accept your own advertisers through video ads or product placement.

Documentary Film Series

You could also film a series of documentaries and use some of those same methods to earn revenue online.

Independent Film Production

Or you could focus on independently producing longer features and then enter those in festivals or get them featured on streaming services.

Online News Channel

News is also a popular topic for people to follow online. So you could start a website or YouTube channel where you share breaking news.

Stock Video Sales

Like stock photos, businesses and individuals sometimes look for stock video footage to fill in their own video projects or web content. So you could shoot video and then offer it up for sale in this format.

Business Presentation Creation

Video is also a popular format for business presentations. So you could specialize in this type of video and offer your services to professionals.

Video Resume Service

Or you could work with professionals who are looking for job opportunities by creating video resumes or portfolios.

Affiliate Marketer

Another way to earn an income online, you could work with various brands as an affiliate and earn a share of sales that you send to those brands.

Online Video Courses

If you’ve got a lot of knowledge in a specific topic, you could create your own video courses that people can purchase and view online.

How-to Video Service

You could also create some shorter tutorial or how-to videos and then earn money from ads or even viewer donations.

Video Tour Guide

If you live in or visit areas that are popular with tourists, you could create video tours and work with businesses or groups that want to attract more visitors.

Video Marketing Service

There are so many different ways businesses can use video content for marketing. So you could start a marketing agency that specializes in video content.


If you’re artistically inclined, you could create animations and then work with clients or sell animations in a stock video format.

Conference Videography Service

For those who attend business conferences, you could work with event organizers who want to have a video recap of the event or even a video preview to attract more attendees.

Product Review Service

If you’re looking to start your own channel, you could start one where you review various products, allowing you to build a specific influencer niche.

Product Demonstration Service

You could also focus on demonstrating products that might be difficult or complicated to use. This could be especially relevant in a niche like software or gaming.

Video Sales Service

For those who are skilled with sales, you could build a business where you share sales pitches for various products.


If you’re musically inclined, you could build a business by creating videos of you showing off your talents, allowing you to convince people to hire you for gigs.

Music Video Service

You could also work with musicians to film music videos to go with their songs.

Concert Video Service

Or you could film concerts for musicians who want to share the footage online or in a format that they can sell to fans.

Motivational Speaker

If you’re trying to make a living as a motivational speaker or other type of event presenter, you could use your video skills as a main way to show off your talents and expertise online.


Podcasts are mainly audio. But a lot of podcasters also share a fair amount of video content on their sites or social media channels as well.

Book Trailer Service

You could also use your videography talents to work with authors to make trailers for their books to create some online buzz.

Virtual Fitness Classes

For those who are athletically inclined, you can create video fitness classes and offer those for sale or on a subscription basis.

Sports Video Service

You might also be able to film various local sporting events for teams or athletes and their family members.

Online Coaching Service

There are many different niches that could allow you to start an online coaching business. And you can use video as a major way to show off your expertise to potential clients.

Membership Site

You could also set up a site where you share video content to visitors who pay a monthly or yearly membership fee.

Video Will Service

For those with video skills and a legal background, or connections in the legal community, you could offer a service where you work with people who want to create video wills.

Legal Video Service

You could also use your video skills to film depositions or other legal matters on a contract basis.

Remembrance Videos

Sometimes, families also like to have videos for funerals or memorials, which could offer another niche for video producers.

Video Fundraising Service

You could also offer up your services to businesses or organizations that want to use video for fundraisers or online fundraising sites.

Video Competitions

There are plenty of opportunities for companies to create online competitions that integrate video. So you could start a service where you work with companies that need some help facilitating those contests.

Viral Video Creation

If you create one or two videos that go viral, you can build a brand around that and then sell products related to the video or even appear at events.

Online Video Platform

If you’re really into sharing videos online, you might even consider starting your own video platform that people can sign up to use.

Online Social Network

Or you could create a social networking site or app that integrates a lot of video content.

Video Gear Rental Service

If you’re a video producer, you likely have a lot of video equipment. So you could potentially start a service where you rent out that gear to customers.

Video Transfer Service

Or you could simply help customers who want to duplicate or transfer video into another format, like families who want to transfer old family videos from old film into a digital file or DVD.

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